Tent pieces come in blue and green. They are all Magincia rubbles.  It is not possible to assemble a complete tent using only one of the two colors. Neither the east side pieces nor the south-east corner piece exist as rubble. The west side pieces are normally used in place of the east side pieces, and most people choose to cover the south-east corner gap using crates, barrels, or board piles.

The original Magincia tent
M-tent-1 M-tent-2
North side, blue North side, green South side, blue South side, green West side, blue West side, green North-west corner South-west corner

Notice the horizontal line near the top of the north-west piece. There is a similar piece which is slightly taller and missing this line. Only the piece with the line is correct for the tent pole:

North-west piece Wooden pole
IMG-dr-0 IMG-jj-0

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