As every item was simply named "rubble", there was some confusion about what rubbles were created. Also, as some rubbles were created more rarely than others, certain rubbles have been reported, but not verified to exist.

4th type of necklaceEdit

There are only 3 types of necklaces on display in the jeweler's shop. There is a 4th necklace graphic in the game, but it did not exist in the game when Magincia was first created.

Black PearlEdit

Duncan IronWeaver reports having owned a rubble black pearl, and having sold it to the Great Lady of Catskills. However, Nails did not find this rubble when he emptied her houses. Also, reagents appear in only one location in the city, on a display case in the mage shop, and there is no black pearl on that display case.


Viking SwordEdit

Daegan reports having seen a rubble viking sword. However, the only weapon of any type within the city's statics is a pickaxe.

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